The National Digital Strategy 2016-2021 (NDS) is the road map and framework supporting the country's digital development. It puts forward a vision and specifies areas in need of intervention where improvement efforts should be focused, so that Greece may join the European digital map by 2021.

In particular, the NDS focuses on seven areas of intervention with specific priorities in each area. The priorities correspond to acknowledged gaps in the Greek public administration, the economy and society and form a coherent framework for ICT interventions which focus on producing results and optimising the use of available public resources.

The NDS defines the following:

  • its relation to existing plans and individual strategies (new generation broadband access plan, regional and RIS3 strategies), the system of indicators for measuring its implementation at the respective level, as well as the main sources of funding for its implementation;
  • the new ICT Governance Structure, the responsibilities of all stakeholders and the provisions for simplifying the ICT production system in the public sector;
  • the methodology for selecting the areas of intervention and for setting priorities.



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