Terms of Use – mAIGreece Application by the Ministry of Tourism

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Digital Governance have launched the digital application (app) mAiGreece for mobile devices on iOS and Android platforms, which is available through the respective app stores. The application uses Artificial Intelligence technologies.

Artificial Intelligence is the ability of a system to replicate the cognitive functions of a human being, such as learning, design and creativity.

The goal of the application is to improve the quality, speed and accessibility of services provided to visitors to our country.

The mAiGreece digital assistant is based on Microsoft Azure OpenAI technologies and has been properly trained on open data available through gov.gr and other public sector websites. The mAiGreece digital assistant is currently in beta and is constantly being trained to improve its functionality.

The Ministry of Tourism and the Ministry of Digital Governance are responsible for the operation of the mAiGreece digital assistant.

Reminder. In case of an emergency or urgent assistance, please contact the relevant authorities.

In case of an emergency or urgent assistance, please contact the relevant authorities.

What is the digital assistant?

The mAiGreece digital assistant is an application that uses Artificial Intelligence technologies to facilitate communication with citizens by understanding the questions they ask, searching for relevant information and providing answers in a simple and understandable way. You can submit your questions both in writing and orally.

The mAiGreece digital assistant is for informational purposes only and its answers should not be taken as official advice or opinion of the relevant authorities.

The mAiGreece digital assistant does not provide advice on legal, financial or other issues of an administrative or other nature. The answers provided are not used in any way to make or support a decision-making process or the adoption of an act on behalf of the State.

During the trial period, the response of the mAiGreece digital assistant may fluctuate and there may be delays in the time taken to process queries and provide answers. For optimal allocation of resources during this period, a queueing mechanism has been put in place, ensuring that the interaction time of each citizen with the system does not exceed 5 minutes per session.

Are mAiGreece’s answers always 100% correct?

Every effort is made to ensure that the mAiGreece digital assistant provides accurate and up-to-date information. However, the digital assistant is based on algorithmic models and therefore the absolute accuracy, completeness or adequacy of the answers it provides cannot be guaranteed. The Department of Tourism and the Department for Digital Government is not responsible for any errors, omissions or inaccuracies in relation to the information provided by the digital assistant or how it is used.

The mAiGreece Digital Assistant is constantly being improved both through internal training processes and through the evaluations and feedback you as users provide. Your help in training the digital assistant is valuable, as you can evaluate the answers it provides and contribute to their improvement.

Is its use mandatory?

No, the use of the mAiGreece digital assistant is optional. In any case, you can browse gov.gr and use its services without using the digital assistant.

How does it work?

The mAiGreece digital assistant is based on “Natural Language Processing” technologies in order to enable optimal communication between humans and computers. Simply put, the digital assistant is trained on a knowledge base, processes the questions you ask it in simple everyday language, finds the appropriate information and provides an answer in a user-friendly way – almost like talking to a human.

Are there any rules for using the mAiGreece digital assistant?

For security reasons and to avoid improper use of the digital assistant, a character limit has been set on the questions you ask the digital assistant and a time limit on conversations.

In any case, it is forbidden to submit content to the mAiGreece digital assistant that is abusive, threatening, slanderous, harmful to minors, defamatory, offensive, violates intellectual property rights, contains hate speech or harmful software or code (malware), and in general any illegal content, the disclosure of which constitutes a wrongful act under the provisions of the Criminal Code and any other specific criminal law.

In the event that you submit such content, there will be a temporary ban on the use of the digital assistant. If you believe that the exclusion was incorrect, you can contact us.

What data is processed?

The mAiGreece digital assistant has been trained on open data available on gov.gr and other public sector websites.

The mAiGreece digital assistant does not need personal data to respond and therefore its users do not need to submit personal information when submitting their queries.


What measures are in place to protect users’ personal data?

Even if users include personal information in their questions, we take technical and organizational measures to ensure that no personal data is stored on the server hosting the digital assistant. In particular, the text of the questions goes through an irreversible anonymization process before being stored using appropriate software. At the same time, a number of measures are implemented to ensure the protection of users’ personal data and privacy. Indicatively:

  • The conversation you have with the mAiGreece digital assistant is deleted from the cache of your browser as soon as you close the tab with your active conversation.
  • The mAiGreece digital assistant is hosted in Government Public Sector Cloud (G-Cloud) infrastructure, where the conversations are stored, after the anonymization process of their content is completed, for a maximum period of twenty (20) days, for the sole purpose of training the digital assistant, optimizing its operation and avoiding malicious use.
  • The data used for training the mAiGreece digital assistant is not transferred outside the G-Cloud infrastructure and is not used for training another AI model.

Automated decision-making does not take place during the user of the mAiGreece digital assistant, and no profiles are created for users.


Do I need to know anything else?

The above terms supplement the data protection policy and the terms of use of mintour.gov.gr, which continue to apply to the use of the digital assistant.

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